Comedian Says He Snuck Into the State Department

ABC News' Kirit Radia Reports: Comedian Armando Iannucci says he used a fake BBC press credential to enter the U.S. State Department and then spent an hour or so taking pictures for use in designing sets for his new movie.The State Department, however, says it's "implausible" that the entertainer was able to breach the building's security.According to an article today in the British newspaper The Telegraph, Iannucci says he created a fake credential that "a child could have produced." He says he showed up, told the guards he had an appointment and was allowed to walk in."We're looking at the situation," State Department acting spokesman Robert Wood said today, adding that "it really does sound quite implausible."Wood said that one must go through a turnstile using a legitimate pass to get in, but that's not really true for reporters and guests without permanent passes. The State Department allows reporters without permanent passes to attend the daily press briefing after passing through security. They and other visitors need an escort to access other parts of the building.Iannucci did not say how much of the building he was able to walk through, but he would have had to pass through several more layers of security in order to reach the area where the Secretary of State has her office.Security guards that roam the building could have caught him if he did not have a legitimate pass visible. And someone taking pictures, as the comedian says he did, would likely garner some attention."Part of me thought it was fun, another part thought it was probably international espionage," Iannucci told the Telegraph.

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