Guns and Credit Cards - Bills of Rights Converge

ABC's Z. Byron Wolf reports: What does the credit card bill of rights have to do with the actual bill of rights? Guns, apparently.

Senators have just passed 67-29 an amendment to the so-called "Credit Cardholder Bill of Rights" that would give states the ability to regulate concealed weapons in state parks and in national parks.

The credit card bill is intended to curb abusive and deceptive practices by the credit industry.

Current regulations in national parks require that gun owners have their guns unloaded and stored while they are enjoying nature's beauty in National parks.

Park Rangers have expressed concern that they'll have more trouble pursuing poachers. Coburn sees both a states rights and second amendment issue.

Here's what Coburn said on the Senate floor about his amendment: "This isn't about a political vote. I know it seems that but that's further from the truth than anything that I know. this is about the US. constitution. we have two agencies within the federal government who, through bureaucratic means, not a vote of the congress, have limited severely the second amendment rights of individuals in this country, both on national park and fish and wildlife service land."

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