Republican Governors Plan 'Tea Party 2.0'

ABC News' Teddy Davis reports:

At 8:30 pm ET on Thursday, the Republican governors of Texas and South Carolina are hosting what they hope will be a Tea Party sequel. The purpose of the call is to drive home the message that "out of control spending is both a federal and state issue," according to RGA spokesman Mike Schrimpf. "Tea Party 2.0" will be a teleconference. To participate, all members of the public have to do is enter a name, phone number, zip code, and email address at "". When the call is about to begin, the RGA will call participants, making it possible to hear South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford, the RGA's chairman, and Texas Gov. Rick Perry, the RGA's finance chairman. Perry caused a stir during an April 15 Tea Party in Austin, Texas, when he suggested the Lone Star State might be better off seceding from the United States if the federal government does not change its taxing, borrowing, and spending policies. Sanford has made a name for himself this year by becoming President Obama's most outspoken stimulus foe, going so far as to reject some of the funds to which South Carolina was entitled.      The RGA hopes to get 30,000 people to dial into Thursday's teleconference. Republicans are hoping those phone numbers and email addresses will be a useful tool in November when Virginia and New Jersey hold gubernatorial elections as well as in 2010 when 36 states are up for grabs. Told of GOP plans to hold "Tea Party 2.0," a Democratic spokeswoman painted the teleconference as an effort on the part of the Republican governors to position themselves for future presidential runs."To have a sequel, I thought you had to have a blockbuster the first time around," said Emily DeRose, the DGA's communications director. "Sanford and Perry may be playing to their ever-shrinking base, but they’re completely out of touch with the rest of this country. People want to see their governors work on creating jobs and solving problems, not boosting their chances in GOP primaries."

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