Gingrich's Group Takes on Cap-and-Trade in TV Ad

ABC News’ Rick Klein reports:

With the House moving toward a vote on a climate-change bill, an organization affiliated with former House Speaker Newt Gingrich is launching a new television ad campaign that links cap-and-trade legislation with the nation's economic woes.

The ad, funded by American Solutions for Winning the Future, shows famous footage of the wobbling Tacoma Narrows Bridge -- which collapses as the narrator describes the impact of a "national energy tax."

"The economic winds are blowing. We're losing our jobs . . . our homes," the ad says. "Factories closing . . . businesses failing . . . families hurting."

"Now Congress is about to make things dramatically worse by passing a new national energy tax."

"We'll lose more jobs, pay more for gas and electricity -- pushing our economy to its breaking point," the voice-over continues. "Stop the national energy tax. Call your member of Congress -- before it's too late."

American Solutions was launched by Gingrich, R-Ga., last year, as a non-partisan advocacy group and ideas factory. Gingrich serves as the group's general chairman; he isn't mentioned by name in the new advertisement.

The ad will run on cable stations nation-wide starting Wednesday. Officials did not disclose the size of the ad buy.

Watch the ad HERE.

The Waxman-Markey bill -- which would impose a "cap" on carbon emissions and allow companies to buy and trade emissions allowances -- was approved by the House Energy and Commerce Committee last month. House leaders have indicated that the full House could vote on the bill as early as this week.

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