Obama Allies Launch TV Ad Supporting His Health Care Plan

ABC News' David Chalian Reports:

Timed to coincide with the president's speech before the American Medical Association today and the legislative work upcoming in Congress this week, the left-leaning coalition of interest groups (largely underwritten by Labor and other liberal interest groups) known as "Americans United for Change" is launching a TV ad today in support of President Obama's "plan to reform health care."

The ad is a relatively small buy on DC cable aimed at getting news media attention and influencing the policy makers in Washington.

The ad relies on one finding from a recent Hotline/Diageo poll which showed 62% of Americans support "Congress and the President enacting a major overhaul of the U.S. health care system."

Of course, the desire to reform the health care system is not where the political debate lives. It is all about those devilish details which will shape what that reform looks like and how it gets paid for in the end.

(Perhaps it is not surprising that Americans United chose not to focus on another finding in the poll that shows 35% of Americans believe expanding coverage to the uninsured should be the bigger focus of reform efforts compared to the 49% who said controlling health care costs should be the bigger focus.)

In the ad, the group continues to push for the option to enroll in a public health insurance plan as part of the reform package.

President Obama and his team have expressed support for a public plan, but have thus far refused to rule out signing a bill that does not include a public option.

You can watch the ad HERE.

And here is the script:


In the Senate, they call sixty percent support a "super" majority.

A new poll shows sixty-two percent of Americans support the President's plan to reform health care.

That means lowering costs, so everyone has access to quality, affordable care. Protecting your choice of doctor. Letting you choose between keeping the private insurance you have, and a public health insurance plan.

So if the Republicans in Congress ignore what sixty-two percent of support, you gotta wonder: Who are they listening to?

Paid for by Americans United for Change.

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