Palin Sees "A Lot" of Disagreement in GOP

ABC News' David Chalian Reports:

Former Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin does not believe her popularity and fundraising prowess somehow anoints her as the leading figure representing the future of the GOP.

"Absolutely not necessarily," Palin told NBC's Matt Lauer on "Today."

Palin still sees a Republican Party that is not yet singing from the same song sheet.

"So, no, not necessarily me. I don't think I need any kind of title in order to effect change. I think there's a lot of disagreement within the party right now, though," she said.

Lauer asked Palin if she should get the right of first refusal at leading the party forward.

"Oh, heck no. No. Nobody's entitled to that right of approval. There's no entitlement that's accepted, I believe, in our party and that's another nice thing about the principles of the GOP," Palin said.

"You have to walk the walk and not just talk the talk. Your actions have to speak louder than words. Your accomplishments have to speak for what it is that you stand for and no, nobody's entitled to any kind of front-running position in the GOP."

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