Who’s Who in the Political Blogosphere?

ABC News’ Rick Klein reports: It’s crowded out there in the political blogosphere -- and there are as many ways to judge influence as there bloggers who stand ready to judge politicians.

But here’s an interesting tool I recently came across: From Wikio.com, it’s a ranking of political blogs -- emanating from everywhere from living rooms, mainstream media organizations, and the White House.

The rankings are compiled based on links from other blogs -- with extra weight given to blogs that rank higher via Wikio’s formulas, and based on how recently an item is published. Blog rolls aren’t taken into account, so only fresh postings impact the rankings. http://www.wikio.com/about-us

One of the intriguing aspects of this list is that it puts everyone in the same pot. The list has mainstream media blogs -- from ABC News, CNN, The New York Times, and others -- alongside well-known partisan bloggers -- Michelle Malkin, FireDogLake -- and even government-run bloggers, like WhiteHouse.gov’s.

We got a sneak peek at the latest rankings -- due to be published Friday -- below. It’s a fun list to analyze: Huffington Post has the top spot, with the liberal Center for American Progress’ Think Progress and the conservative National Review’s The Corner right behind.

My colleague Jake Tapper’s Political Punch blog also cracks the Top 10. The Note -- which launched as a blog in December, after serving only as a morning tipsheet before that -- is No. 30 (and climbing); George Stephanopoulos’ Bottom Line blog is No. 39, and the now-discontinued Political Radar blog is still No. 40, because of (presumably) older links to the site.

Here’s the Top 100:

1The Huffington Post
2Think Progress
3The Corner
4Political Ticker - CNN
5The Daily Dish
6Political Punch
7Michelle Malkin
9Talking Points Memo
10Political Animal
12Daily Kos
13Crooks and Liars
16The Caucus - New York Times blog
17Gateway Pundit
18Power Line
19White House.gov Blog Feed
20Michael Goldfarb - The Blog - The Weekly Standard
21The Plank
23Reason Magazine - Hit & Run
24The Volokh Conspiracy
25Balloon Juice
26Washington Wire - WSJ.com
27Marginal Revolution
29Glenn Greenwald
30The Note
31Atlas Shrugs
35Political Wire
36Jihad Watch
37Lynn Sweet
38The Jawa Report
39George's Bottom Line
40Political Radar - ABC Blog
41The Next Right
42forward movement
43Don Surber
46Patterico's Pontifications
48The Blog
49Stop the ACLU
50Redstate - Conservative News and Community
52FP Passport
53The Washington Note
56Ross Douthat
57Outside the Beltway
58Sweetness & Light
59The Nation Blogs
60Riehl World View
62Flopping Aces
63Oliver Willis
64Gay Patriot
65The Buzz Florida Politics
66Global Voices Online
67Michael J. Totten
69Roger L. Simon
71American Power
73Capitol confidential
75The Brad Blog
76YID With LID
77Debbie Schlussel
78Confederate Yankee
79The Club for Growth
80The Belmont Club
82Soccer Dad
83Say Anything
84News Hounds
85Founding Bloggers
86the albany project
87The Liberty Papers
88The Anonymous Liberal
89Mother, May I Sleep with Treacher?
90Jack and Jill Politics
91Burnt Orange Report
93The Radio Equalizer: Brian Maloney
94Obama HQ
95The LRC Blog
97Sister Toldjah
98The Strata-Sphere
99The Sideshow
100Naked Politics
Ranking by Wikio.
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