Graham to Vote "Yes" on Sotomayor

ABC News' Jonathan Karl reports: Key Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina says he’ll vote “yes” on the Sonia Sotomayor nomination to fill the Supreme Court vacancy.

“Elections have consequences,” the Judiciary Committee member said Wednesday on the Senate floor. “I choose to vote for Judge Sotomayor because she is well qualified. We are talking about one of the most qualified Supreme Court nominees in decades … Her record of academic achievement is extraordinary."

Graham says he may disagree with Judge Sotomayor’s legal philosophy, but chose not to employ the standard Barack Obama used when he was in the Senate and voted against Samuel Alito and John Roberts despite their qualifications because he disagreed with their philosophies. The correct standard, he said, is “the qualification standard.”

“I dare say, not one Republican using the Obama standard would vote yes," said Graham. “I would not have chosen her if I were president, but I understand why President Obama did so and I am happy to vote for her.”

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