RNC Raised $6M in July

ABC News’ Rick Klein reports: The Republican National Committee is set to announce today that it raised $6 million last month, bringing the party committee a total of $21.8 million in cash on hand as spending picks up in two key gubernatorial contests.

The RNC raised nearly $9 million in June , and had $23.7 million in the bank -- with no debt -- at the end of that month. The Democratic National Committee, meanwhile, had $13 million in cash on hand, and was carrying a debt of nearly $5 million, as of the end of June, the latest filing available.

Both parties are investing in the two governor’s races taking place this fall, in New Jersey and Virginia.

“The RNC continues to mount a very effective fundraising effort and we are extremely thankful to the Americans who have contributed to the financial success of our party,” RNC Chairman Michael Steele plans to say in a statement being released today. “The Republican Party will be successful in the coming elections this fall and in 2010 thanks to the generosity of our donors.”

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