Dede's Revenge: 'We're Going to Work Against' Palin and Others

ABC News’ Rick Klein reports:

Just when you thought you wouldn't have to spell "Dede Scozzafava" anymore, the Republican nominee in that upstate New York special election is back -- lashing out at Sarah Palin and others who worked against her bid. In a revealing interview with The Washington Post, Scozzafava, a member of the New York State Assembly who lost her leadership post in the wake of her election loss, talks about what it's like to see her name turned into a verb (Gov. Charlie Crist, R-Fla., is the next candidate in danger of getting "Scozzafaved.") She attacks Palin, R-Alaska, for endorsing the Conservative Party candidate, Doug Hoffman, even though Hoffman doesn't even live in New York's 23rd congressional district. "How can Sarah Palin come out and endorse someone who can't answer some basic questions," Scozzafava tells the Post. "Do these people even know who they are endorsing?" And Scozzafava has this message for the Club for Growth and other Republicans who are vowing to bring down moderates. "There is a lot of us who consider ourselves Republicans, of the Party of Lincoln," she said. "If they don't want us with them, we're going to work against them."
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