North Dakotans Have Low Unemployment, Lots of Stimulus Money

ABC’s Z. Byron Wolf reports:

Poring over data on the government’s website unveils not only phantom congressional districts and questionable job totals. It also shows states with low unemployment and stable stage governments are getting lots of stimulus money per resident.

Times are good in North Dakota.

Unemployment is only 3.4 percent, the lowest in the United States.

The state government has done a good job steering through economic difficulty and has a budget surplus when most states have crippling deficits.

What else does North Dakota have? A hefty slice of the stimulus pie.

Their total dollar amount, just shy of $700,000, is far less than most states – California has more than $18 billion.

But while the amount of stimulus money being spent in California is about $504 per Californian, according to the government’s website, the amount of stimulus money per North Dakotan is $1089, second only among states to Alaska, where $1,808 is being spent.

Highest by far in the per capita category is Washington, DC, which gets at whopping $4,766 per Washingtonian. A large portion of those expenditures are accounted for by the upgrade of commuter highways leading to out of the District to Maryland and Virginia and $1.3 billion – almost half of DC’s total stimulus funding - in funds for Amtrak. All of that is shown as benefitting Washington, DC..

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