RNC Reporting Oct. Haul of $8.9M; Off-Year One-Month Record

ABC News’ Rick Klein reports: The Republican National Committee today will announce that it raised $8.79 million in October, in what party officials say sets a new one-month record for the party in an off-cycle year.

The fundraising total, to be reported to the Federal Election Commission today, left the RNC with $11.2 million in cash on hand, and no debt, as of the beginning of this month.

The October fundraising total nudges the party past its September total of $8.74 million. The Democratic National Committee slightly exceeded the RNC’s haul over the previous quarter ; the DNC has not yet released October figures.

According to a Republican Party official, the RNC averaged 2,543 new donors per day in October, in the final stretch before an Election Day that saw the GOP capture both gubernatorial contests that were on the ballot.

Plus, according to the official, “As of November 11, the RNC has already broken its own record of new donors in an off year, with 305,000 new donors so far in 2009.”

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