'Top Line' -- Ambassador Oprah? Senator Oprah?

ABC News’ Rick Klein reports:

Oprah Winfrey's announced exit from her daily broadcast format has prompted new speculation in political circles about the next step for the talk-show queen -- one that just might involve playing off of her famous connection to President Obama. "Let's say she does just stop her show and works on her cable network. Well, she could take an appointment from President Obama -- an envoy role, roving ambassador, some UN appointment," said Lynn Sweet, the Washington bureau chief of the Chicago Sun-Times and a columnist for Politics Daily, told us today on ABCNews.com's "Top Line." And might Oprah run for office? "Don't rule things out. You know, careers have long arcs to them, and you never know where someone ends up. I wouldn't be surprised if years from now we're talking about Oprah running for something or getting an important appointment," she said. We asked Sweet, who writes regularly about First Lady Michelle Obama on her blog and at Politics Daily, about Tina Brown's suggestion, on "Good Morning America" today, that Mrs. Obama could one day move into a perch like Oprah's. "I think Mrs. Obama has many opportunities open to her whether or not Oprah continues as a talk-show queen or not. … She'll be young in four or eight years, so there's an incredible future," she said. And might Illinois one day have senators known simply as Oprah and Michelle? "Could be," Sweet said. "And we'll still be covering it!" Watch the full discussion with Lynn Sweet HERE.
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