GOP Whip Cantor to Outline Job Plan

ABC News’ Rick Klein reports: The No. 2 House Republican today plans to outline a series of proposals for creating jobs, offering the framework of a GOP alternative to the ideas Democrats are contemplating on Capitol Hill.

The announcement by House Minority Whip Eric Cantor comes the day before the White House hosts a “jobs summit.” It’s part of emerging efforts by congressional Republicans to offer concrete policy proposals to contrast with Democrats’ ideas.

“We’re going to lay out some straightforward, common-sense solutions that the president can put into place now,” Cantor, R-Va., told ABC News.

The proposals include a halt to any new federal rules or regulations that would have an economic cost or result in job loss; a promise to freeze tax increases -- including new taxes as part of the health care bill, and an extension of the expiring Bush tax cuts -- until unemployment drops below 6 percent; spending caps and waste-cutting initiatives that begin to address the deficit; reforms to the unemployment system to lower the burden on businesses; and new proposals on trade, community banks, and energy production designed to spur job creation.

Cantor plans to expand on the proposals in a 2 pm ET speech today at The Heritage Foundation in Washington. The ideas stem in part from efforts of the House GOP Economic Recovery Working Group, which Cantor was tapped to lead early this year.

The ideas won’t be formally introduced as legislation. But the message to Democrats, according to Cantor, will be: “These are the solutions that we would love for you to join us in proposing.”

A major theme, Cantor said, will be injecting some optimism into the domestic economic outlook.

“We start where folks in this country are. We remember conversations that families had around the dinner table at Thanksgiving,” Cantor said. “We in this country used to be so hopeful. And what I’ve heard is a lack of that kind of confidence going forward.”

Cantor acknowledged that Republicans haven’t lived up to their own standards with regard to fiscal discipline in the past, but said members of his party have learned from their mistakes.

“I think Republicans have learned their lessons. We understand we could have done better when we were in power,” Cantor said. “Pointing fingers right now is not what the American people want.”

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