Key House Liberal Will Intro Public Option on ‘Day This Bill Passes’

ABC News’ Rick Klein reports: For House liberals, the fight for the public option will go on -- even if, as is almost certain, any health care bill passed this year doesn’t have one in it.

Rep. Lynn Woolsey, co-chair of the House Progressive Caucus, told ABC News in an interview that she’s “absolutely” certain that a health care bill will pass, but added that it’s “only a beginning.”

“The day this bill passes, and if it doesn’t have a public option in it, I’m introducing my public option bill,” said Woolsey, D-Calif. “On to the next.”

She said President Obama tonight needs to lay out specifically what he wants in a bill -- and how he plans to get it.

“He needs to be clear that he’s going to lead the House and the Senate to come to the best conclusion possible,” Woolsey said. “We all have different ideas of how. But he has to be clear he knows how to he’s going to do it, and share that with us. And what will stay in the bill -- the best of both bills.”

“The liberal base is a little bit nervous,” she added. “They want health care -- they wanted single payer. And then they were OK with the public option -- the robust public option. They weren’t very happy with no competition in these bills for the private insurance -- and they ought not to be happy with it. I’m not happy with it.”

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