Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid Hits 'Pause' on Health Care

ABC News' Jonthan Karl reports: Speaking to reporters after a closed-door meeting with Democratic senators, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid seemed intent to talk about anything but his health care reform bill.

“What are you going to do now on health care?” asked Dave McConnell of WTOP Radio.

“The problems out there is [sic] certainly more than health care,” Reid began, and then went on for another 300 words, talking about jobs, bank bonuses, a woman in Las Vegas who has a home worth $200,000 less than when she bought it, a man from Nevada named Sam Schmidt who lost his health insurance, the “two wars” and something about how “there is a new movie coming out every week in Hollywood about the war in Afghanistan or the war in Iraq.”

But what about the health care bill?

“First of all, we are not going to rush anything,” Reid said. “We’re concerned about everything going on in the country. We are not going to rush to judgment on any one of them.”

Back to health care ...

“Are you committed to finishing that health care bill?” I asked him. “Are you confident you will be able to get it passed and sent to the President?”

“I am confident that health care is an issue in this country,” Reid said. “We are going to do everything we can to alleviate the pain and suffering of people who cannot afford health care and who want to maintain what they have.”

Reid went on to note that the health care bill passed by the Senate on Christmas eve doesn’t expire for a year. In other words, the House has until December 24 to pass that bill and send it to the President.

After the press conference, Senator Reid’s office sought to clarify the senator’s remarks.

“We are still committed to getting health care done,” said Reid spokesman Jim Manley.

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