Tim Pawlenty to Liberals: 'We Fight'

ABC News’ Matt Loffman Reports: Kicking off the second day of CPAC, Minnesota governor and likely Republican presidential hopeful Tim Pawlenty reiterated the same themes heard throughout the convention including the message delivered by Mitt Romney yesterday. He spoke of fiscal responsibility, limited government and free markets. Pawlenty’s message to liberals about the upcoming election was clear: “we fight.” “When freedom is attacked a powerful movement will rise up and fight back,” Pawlenty said. Speaking just an hour before Tiger Woods went before cameras to make a public apology about his infidelity including a vigorous defense of his wife, Pawlenty encouraged CPAC attendees to take a cue from Woods’ wife, Elin, who Pawlenty described as finally saying ‘no more’ to Tiger. He said conservatives “should take a 9-iron and smash the window out of the big government in this country.” He attacked President Obama for government spending saying that if spending were an Olympic sport he’d be a “repeat gold medalist.” Pawlenty also attacked Obama for his position on the handling of the underwear bomber’s attempted plot. “Mr. President, no more apology tours and no more giving Miranda rights to terrorists,” Pawlenty said. The governor attributed the Republican Party’s rising poll numbers to their "bold" and "direct" message, but he also had a message for his fellow Republicans if the 2010 elections return his party to power. “This time, we need to do what we say we’re going to do,” Pawlenty said. While the rhetoric and sentiment was similar to Gov. Romney’s speech, the response from the crowd was not as excited. There were fewer standing ovations and fewer boisterous applause lines. Pawlenty still tried to rally the party and the energy of the crowd going into the 2010 elections and possibly his 2012 presidential campaign. “Never give in. Never give up. Let’s take this country back,” Pawlenty said.

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