Rove: Obama Not Doing ‘Homework in Advance’ on Foreign Trips

ABC News’ Rick Klein reports: With tensions simmering between the US and Israel in the wake of Vice President Joe Biden’s trip to the region last week, former senior Bush White House adviser Karl Rove said today that Israel’s announcement of new settlements in East Jerusalem shows that President Obama and his top aides aren’t doing “their homework in advance.”

“I think this is part of a broader problem with the Obama administration, and that is there doesn’t seem to be enough groundwork done before these international meetings that they don’t get caught by surprises like this,” Rove said on ABC’s “Top Line.”

“Which is surprising to me given the fact that Hillary Clinton is a very strong secretary of state. But this is not the first time this happened. Remember this really started when they went to the G-8 last year, prepared to say to the G-8, ‘Hey we want you all to follow our lead and stimulate your economies in a similar fashion,’ and they said no. Two days later they went to NATO and said we want you to send additional troops to Afghanistan, they said forget it. And we saw it on the International Climate Conference.”

Rove said he agrees with New York Times columnist Tom Friedman, who wrote yesterday that Biden should have immediately flown home when the Israelis blindsided him with the announcement about new housing in East Jerusalem.

Said Rove. “I do think Tom Freedman had it right: If they didn’t like this, Biden should have left the country immediately.”

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