Rubio to Crist Donors: ‘Get it Back and Give it to Us’

ABC News’ Rick Klein reports: With Gov. Charlie Crist set to bolt the GOP, Republicans are starting a campaign to get Crist donors to demand refunds -- and Marco Rubio says he’s willing to help.

Asked whether Crist’s financial backers should ask for their money back, Rubio told ABC’s Terry Moran today:

“If you support the Obama agenda then you have two candidates to choose from, Kendrick Meek or Charlie Crist. But if you’re looking for someone that would stand up to that agenda, and you happen to have given money to two guys, maybe you can get it back and give it to us because we will stand up to that agenda and offer a clear alternative.”

Watch the full interview with Terry Moran tonight on ABC’s “Nightline,” at 11:35 pm ET.

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