Elena Kagan Says Senator Hatch's Gun is "Gorgeous"

ABC News' Cullen Dirner reports:

When it was Senator Orrin Hatch’s turn to meet with Elena Kagan today, he decided to talk guns.

“You’re gonna get mad,” Hatch told Kagan, pointing to a gun hanging above the press. Hatch described the gun as “Man of the Year” from the National Rifle Association calling it “a piece of art.”

“It’s beautiful,” Kagan responded.

Hatch then described the gun in detail saying it was “handmade” and had a “flintlock.”

“It’s gorgeous,” Kagan responded.

As the senator continued to discuss how he would never shoot actually shoot the gun, the press were quickly ushered out of the room.

During her solicitor general nomination hearings in 2009, Kagan addressed gun rights by saying “the Second Amendment guarantees an individual right to keep and bear arms. The Court granted this right the same status as other individual rights guaranteed by the Constitution, such as those protected in the First Amendment.”

Senator Hatch was the sixth out of Elena Kagan's eight meetings with senators on Capitol Hill today.

- Cullen Dirner

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