Kagan and the GOP

ABC News' Jonathan Karl reports: When Elena Kagan was confirmed as Solicitor General last year, the overwhelming majority of Republicans -- 31 -- voted "no," primarily because of Kagan's decision to block military recruiters from Harvard Law School.

But the "yes" votes included two conservatives on the Judiciary Committee: Jon Kyl and Orrin Hatch. Democrats will make the case the case that if she's good enough to Represent the US before the Supreme Court, she's good enough to be on the court. But look for Kyl and Hatch to both say that "yes" on Solicitor General doesn't automatically mean "yes" on Supreme Court. This is, after all, a lifetime appointment.

Both Kyl and Hatch have met privately with Obama at the White House in recent days. Among the Republicans who voted "no" -- Arlen Specter.

For Solicitor General, Kagan also had the of support of conservative legal heavyweights, former solicitor generals Ken Starr and Ted Olson.

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