Reid: GOP ‘Making Love’ to Wall Street

ABC News' Z. Byron Wolf reports:

The rhetoric around the Wall Street reform legislation reached new heights (or lows… or maybe just the weirdest Harry Reid analogy yet) today.

Democrats defeated a Republican filibuster to begin considering the bill last week. But in the meantime, the two sides haven’t yet been able to agree on how to start voting on amendments.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, asked at a press conference to outline the holdup, said Republicans are at fault (they’d say the opposite).

And then he used a startling analogy to describe Republicans’ relationship with the financial industry.

“You can find the Republicans are having difficulty determining how they're going to continue making love to Wall Street,” he said.

Bow chicka bow wow.

Republicans countered afterward that the final language for the most recent version of the Wall Street reform bill was not released until around noon Wednesday.

Click HERE for the top 13 Reid verbal gaffes, as compiled by Republicans. Although after today the list may have to be updated:

Here’s the entire moment from Wednesday’s press conference:

“One problem: They won't let us deal with any amendments. We have the Baucus amendment that is pending, which is a very important amendment. It underlines and underscores that no bank will be too big to fail, that there will be no taxpayers' money used to bail out these banks. It's something that I think there will be wide-ranging support on both Democrats and Republicans; they won't let us vote on it.

“So we thought we'd try something else. Senator Snowe had some amendments. We have no problems with her amendments. They wouldn't let us even accept those by unanimous consent.

“They wouldn't allow votes on those. They have stopped us from moving forward on this legislation, period.

Q What was the status of today's bill -- (off mike) -- where are they on this?

SEN. REID: What hour? This morning at 2:00, there was a problem with whatever they were trying to work out. So this has been changing as we've -- as -- all you have to do is read the newspapers. You can find the Republicans are having difficulty determining how they're going to continue making love to Wall Street. You have -- you have Senator Shelby, who worked with Dodd for weeks and weeks, and that fell apart. And as you know, we had Corker come in, and he worked with him for a while. And now, Dodd's back working with Shelby.

It's obvious that they do not want to put any decent restrictions on what Wall Street has done or are doing. That's pretty clear.

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