'Top Line' -- Don Cheadle on Protecting Endangered Species

ABC News’ Rick Klein reports: Actor Don Cheadle was in Washington this week to help build support for a new bill: The Global Conservation Act of 2010, which seeks to reorganize federal agencies to focus on protecting fragile ecosystems.

Cheadle stopped by our ABC/Washington Post “Top Line” set to discuss his lobbying effort – which he said has taken on extra urgency in the wake of the oil leak in the Gulf:

“Turns out no one is really against protecting the environment, so we're trying to rally support for this bill,” Cheadle told us. “As we see with this unfortunate oil spill that happened, really, the need for balance and wisdom in what we’re trying to do with this one Earth that we have … And I was kinda brought into this because it is something that's close to my heart, and something that, as a father, I'm very interested in.”

“I don't know if it's so much what's not being done as much as it is that things are being done, sort of pulling in opposite directions for the same sort of goal,” Cheadle said. “So it's trying to bring these different agencies together so that there's, I guess, a centralized control and command … about what we're trying to achieve, how we're going to achieve it, and also how we're going to be leaders.”

Watch the full interview with Don Cheadle HERE .

For our “Post Politics” segment, we chatted with Perry Bacon Jr. of The Washington Post about Rand Paul’s rocky first few days out of his GOP primary win in Kentucky, plus the landscape of House races in the wake of a special election victory by Democrats in Pennsylvania.

Watch our segment with Perry Bacon Jr. HERE.

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