George W. Facebook (though NOT Twitter)

ABC News’ Rick Klein reports:

Facebook and Twitter were a-buzz with a new arrival today: President George W. Bush.

The former president, who has a book set to publish in November, launched a new Facebook page.

Also new to the interwebs today: a Twitter feed , purporting to also be Bush’s.

But that account is actually a fake, according to David Sherzer, a spokesman for the former president. He also confirms that the Facebook page is legitimate – “an official feed of the Office of George W. Bush,” he told ABC News.

Confused? So were some former Bush aides who urged their followers to also follow @George_WBush today.

One aide even told ABC that he was told by an official in the president’s foundation that it was legit – though that was, apparently, a miscommunication. An official feed, @GWBPresCenter, was launched last week by the George W. Bush Presidential Center.

To recap: The Facebook page you can find at is the real deal. Twitter @George_WBush is fake. Twitter @GWBPresCenter is real. (None are particularly interesting.)

There’s no indication that the former president himself has done any of the Tweeting or Facebook posting. But whoever is controlling the (fake) @George_WBush has a sense of humor: That account is following four other accounts – the Republican Party, Sen. John McCain, Sarah Palin, and President Obama.

Not being followed: The (real) account of @LauraWBush.

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