Republicans Not Impressed with Obama's Oval Office Address

ABC's Z. Byron Wolf reports: First out of the gate responding to the president is Sen. Lamar Alexander, the Tennessean who is spearheading energy legislation for his party.

Alexander was not impressed with the president's call to arms. “The president should spend more time focusing on cleaning up and containing the oil spill and less time trying to pass a national energy tax that will drive jobs overseas looking for cheap energy. After that, Congress can enact legislation to help electrify half our cars and trucks, which is the single best way to reduce our dependence on oil."

Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison was even more pointed.

"I am concerned the administration is attempting to capitalize on public outrage over the spill in order to push through a cap and trade bill that will significantly raise energy prices for all Americans and add more burdens on businesses," she said in a written statement. "Right now, the President’s number one priority needs to be keeping the jobs in the energy sector from going overseas and restoring the Gulf of Mexico.”

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