Rapid-Fire Debate for War Funding in House

ABC's Jonathan Karl Reports:

House Democrats scheduled a quick debate before a vote later today on the $33 billion bill to pay for wars in Afghanistan and Iraq today.

In a highly unusual move, the vote will be brought up under a suspension of the rules, a procedure usually used for things like naming post offices. Suspension means there will be limited debate (40 minutes), no amendments and it will require a two-thirds majority to pass.

There will be a significant number of Democrats who vote “no” on the bill, reflecting growing unease among Democrats about the President’s policy in Afghanistan, but the bill will pass easily. Why? Because Democrats stripped out most of the non-war spending and that means most Republicans will vote in favor of the bill.

By using this procedure, the Democratic leadership is able to avoid an extended public airing of the deep divide within the party over Afghanistan, but it is a divide that is growing.

-Jonathan Karl

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