Congress as Toddlers? Another Dem Makes the Comparison

ABC News’ Alex Pepper reports:

With Congressional approval ratings at dramatic lows, some Democratic incumbents are eager to differentiate themselves.

Rep. Stephanie Herseth Sandlin, D-S.D., is out with a new ad which clearly draws from an earlier spot for Sen. Blanche Lincoln, D-Ark, in its use of children to represent Congress.

Both ads were produced by Murphy Putnam Media and feature the candidate illustrating “what it’s like” in Congress.

Lincoln was featured amidst a chaotic classroom of kids who tossed dollar bills in the air while she touted her opposition to TARP, cap and trade legislation, and the public option for health care. The only mention of Democrats came at the end of the ad, where Lincoln says “I don’t answer to my party. I answer to Arkansas.”

The similar Sandlin ad features the representative’s two year old son Zachary, with the candidate saying that “he can help me show you what it’s like in Congress.” Zachary plays with the dollar bills in his mother’s purse and ends up in a play area full of other children while Sandlin discusses her opposition to “all the bailouts and the trillion dollar health care plan.”

“It wasn’t right for South Dakota, Zachary, or any kids’ future,” Sandlin says. There is no mention of party in the ad.

The shared themes are a reminder that the legislative achievements of this Congress have failed to translate into popular support, leaving vulnerable Democratic incumbents in a precarious position.

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