Dem Congressman Called For Geithner to be Fired on 8/20

ABC's Z. Byron Wolf reports:

Turns out that House Minority Leader John Boehner’s call this week for Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner and others in the President’s economic team to be fired may not have been so splashy.

A Democratic Congressman beat Boehner to it by four days.

“Which of the President’s policies do I like the least,” says Periello in answer to a question.

“Well, I called for Secretary Geithner to be fired. I really don’t like the head of his economic team. I’ve been critical of them from the beginning.”

Periello’s made the comments at a town hall meeting August 20th, but edited video of the event was only today circulated by a Richmond-area Tea Party group.

Periello is in real trouble in November. First elected to the conservative district in 2008, his vote for the health reform bill got him plaudits from Washington Democrats, but has not gone over well in his district, although Periello has not shied away from town hall meetings. While many Democrats in conservative districts have run ads opposing party leaders, Periello has a clever ad defending his vote in favor of the economic stimulus in 2009. While it doesn’t mention the stimulus by name, Periello is seen going throughout the district to places where he says he helped save jobs. He steps in cow dung at a dairy farm, visits a landfill and spills coffee on himself.

NOTE: Lest we forget, there were three Democrats (Byrd, Feingold and Harkin), who voted against his confirmation in the first place, along with Independent Bernie Sanders, who caucuses with Democrats and 30 Republicans.

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