Ad Watch: 'Not Your Usual Senate Candidate': Scott McAdams Touts Alaskan Roots in First Ad

ABC News’ Huma Khan reports: People may not know Scott McAdams’ name, but Alaska’s Democratic candidate for Senate may just be fine with that.

In his first campaign ad, the Sitka mayor touts his Alaskan roots and clearly separates himself from Washington.

“This is a long way from D.C.,” the ad begins, with McAdams on a commercial fishing boat. “I’m not your usual Senate candidate.”

“Here’s the difference between me, Joe (Miller) and Lisa (Murkowski). They think this campaign is all about them,” McAdams continues. “I think it’s about Alaska and getting our fair share.”

The campaign hired national firm Murphy Putnam Media to produce the ad. The marketing firm has made many a notable ads, such as the one for gubernatorial candidate John Hickenlooper, where he takes a shower after negative ad that he sees.

McAdams is still trailing behind Miller and Murkowski in polls, but the campaign’s cash inflow has increased significantly. In the three weeks after the primaries, the campaign raised $300,000, mostly domestically, said McAdams’ spokeswoman Heather Handyside.

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