AdWatch 2010: Rocking Chair Remorse in North Carolina

ABC's Z. Byron Wolf reports:

One of the more notable political ads during the 2008 Senate campaign was featured in the North Carolina Senate Race and sponsored by the DSCC. Two old men were sitting on rocking chairs lamenting then Sen. Elizabeth Dole, R-NC. They said she was ineffective and voted too much with President Bush and wasn’t a “go-getter” like them, sitting on their rocking chairs.

Kay Hagan, a moderate Democrat, went on to win the race, surprising some for carrying the normally red state of North Carolina. Two years have now passed and the two men are still in their rocking chairs. But now they’re not cutting ads for the Democrats Senatorial Campaign Committee, but instead for Sen. Richard Burr, the Republican fighting to keep his seat.

“Boy we sure got it wrong last time,” says one of them.

“Some hope and change,” says the other. “Bad economy. Lost jobs.”

They go on: “We need to stop the politicians bankrupting our country,” says one of the men.

There’s a woman, who appears to be a granddaughter, who says she’s voting for Richard Burr. They old men agree.

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