Sharron Angle: 'I'm a Mainstream American'; Harry Reid 'Responsible' for Economic Mess

ABC News’ Rick Klein reports: Republican Senate candidate Sharron Angle, a tea party favorite who’s locked in a tight race to oust Sen. Harry Reid, is now seeking to portray herself as a “mainstream” candidate to the broader electorate – and is attacking Reid by holding him “responsible” for Nevada’s battered economy.

“I'm a mainstream American, and mainstream Nevada understands that very well -- that I promote what they believe, which is lower taxes, less government regulation,” Angle said in an interview with ABC’s Jonathan Karl that aired on ABC/Washington Post’s “Top Line” today.

Nevada voters, she said, understand “that the true issues are our economy, our jobs, our homes, and that the person who is occupying this US Senate seat lives in Washington, D.C., and is completely out of touch and disconnected from Nevada. He's forgotten what Nevada is all about.”

Though Reid told Karl is a separate interview “I had nothing to do” with the economic woes that have visited his state, Angle said that’s not true.

“Understand that Harry Reid was Senate majority leader in the Bush years,” she said. “These policies that have been coming forward, for him to say that he hasn't been responsible -- he's been responsible through several administrations. He's been there. He's been voting on these policies that have really become the problem.”

Angle sought to clarify some of her more controversial statements, such has her saying that Democratic policies are “in violation of the First Commandment.”

“I said that? No I didn't say that,” Angle told Karl. “Actually, that was a discussion I was having with CBN. We were talking in very Christian terms. That's what Christian broadcast is -- that's their focus -- so you speak the language of the folks that you're communicating with. And I was speaking in their language. And the language that I used was that in our country, we have become a country that has put our faith, not ‘in God we trust,’ which is on our money -- as you know. Not ‘in God we trust,’ but in government we trust, and that is what I was referring to -- that we have allowed government in many ways to take the place of God.”

On her saying that there are “Second Amendment remedies” to citizens’ concerns, Angle said:

“We were having a discussion about the Founding Fathers and why they had put the Second Amendment into the Bill of Rights. And they felt that there were times when governments became tyrannical. That we needed to have a place for the people to be able to secure the blessings of liberty, which is what they did in the Revolutionary War, as you know.”

And on her agreeing with a radio host that there are “domestic enemies” inside Congress:

“Certainly people who pass these kinds of policies -- Obamacare, cap and trade, stimulus, bailout -- they're certainly not friends to the free market system,” Angle told Karl.

“So, so what are they?” Karl asked.

“They're not friends. You know, that is not friendly, that is not friendly to building a free market system and more jobs.”

If she’s elected to Congress, Angle said, “I'll fit in just fine.”

“There are folks there that already think just like I do -- Jim DeMint, Tom Coburn, Mike Pence, Michele Bachmann. There are also people who are running in this cycle who think like I do. I am not going to be the only who thinks that the answer to the problems are less government regulation and lower taxation.”

Angle added, “That's the beauty of a record. You can see who I am. And all you have to do is go to the legislature here in the state and you can see that my record has been very strongly lower taxes, less government regulation. Very constitutionally minded. And so, I in the primary even, I said don't just believe what I say, go look at the record. You can trust the record.”

You can watch Karl’s interview with Sen. Reid, which aired on yesterday’s “Top Line,” HERE .

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