Does Delaware Giveth and Connecticut Taketh Away From Dems

ABC's Z. Byron Wolf reports:

Here’s some political tea leaf reading:

On the same day that President Obama is scheduled to travel to Connecticut to fund raise for Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, the Cook Political Report looks at tightening polls and the extensive campaign war chest of former WWE CEO Linda McMahon and moves the race from lean Democrat to toss up.

Blumenthal remains distinctly ahead, according to polls and Obama's fund raising in Connecticut will also raise more than $1 million for the DNC. But as Democrats consider the political firewall strategy that ABC Political Director Amy Walter has reported on, there is no denying that trend lines in Connecticut are bad for Democrats.

After a flap over several instances where he overstated his military record - in most instances he did not - Blumenthal's lead has dropped steadily.

Polls that once showed him with more than 60 percent support now show him closer to 50 percent.

It is a very different story than what is occurring in Delaware. The victory of Tea Party favorite Christine O'Donnell in the Republican primary there this week gave Democrats hope their chances to maintain control of the Senate were improving.

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