How Many Dems Are Touting Health Reform Vote After Six Months?

ABC's Rick Klein , Amy Walter and Z. Byron Wolf report:

Health Reform Quiz:

Question: Six months after President Obama signed a sweeping health care measure into law, how many Democrats nation-wide are running TV ads touting their votes for the law?

Answer: Zero

Caveat: We have trolled through ads ourselves and checked with Republicans and Democrats who would know. So its possible there is some innocuous ad out there. But it would be the exception that proves the rule.

By contrast, in just the last 2 weeks we’ve noticed in House races that there have been ads attacking Democrats for their positions on health reform in Tennessee, New York, and Illinois.

In Senate races, it looks as if every single vulnerable Dem is being attacked on this issue by either their opponent or a 3 rd party interest group.

And don’t forget the growing number of Democrats who are themselves running TV ads touting their votes against the health reform law.

Watch some of those here and here

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