Ad Watch: Joe Miller Spoofs 'Old Spice' Ad

ABC News' Huma Khan reports: Is Joe Miller the new Old Spice guy?

The Alaska GOP candidate's campaign unveiled a new ad today spoofing the Old Spice ad to bash challenger Sen. Lisa Murkowski, who lost to Miller in the primary.

"Look at your ballot. Now look at him. This is Joe Miller. Now back to your ballot, you see his name," the ad goes, switching quickly between the Alaska Senate ballot and an image of Miller.

"Now look at her," the ad continues, as a picture of Murkowski emerges. "Now look back to your ballot. Sadly, she is not on your ballot. Why? Because she lost. She lost to Joe Miller."

Watch the full ad here:

Miller's campaign isn’t the first to take inspiration from the Old Spice ads.

Another Senate hopeful, independent Daniel Freilich from Vermont, became a YouTube sensation after first parodying it. Republican Jerry Labriola, running for Congress in Connecticut’s third district, starred in a similar ad.

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