Biden's First Campaign Event For a Health Reform "No" Vote

ABC's Z. Byron Wolf reports:

Vice President Biden has stumped for more than 100 candidates of all stripes and for all sorts of offices since taking office. But there’s something unique about his visit to suburban Maryland tomorrow, where he’ll raise money for Rep. Frank Kratovil, D-MD.

It’ll be the first time since the passage of health care reform, according to our records, that either Biden or President Obama will have stumped for someone who opposed the law . The streak holds for former House members seeking office outside the House.

Perhaps its sour grapes on the part of the White House that they’ve stayed away from Health Reform no votes. Or perhaps people who voted against the Democrats landmark accomplishment and signature issue don’t want a White House presence in their district anyway.

Or maybe it says something about how Democrats are trying to score points where they can, even if it means campaigning for those who opposed their big issue.

Interesting nonetheless.

And ABC's Michael Falcone points out that Kratovil is one of the ten Democrats getting support in the form of television ads from the Chamber of Commerce, which the White House has gone to such great lengths to vilify this year. Read more about that here .

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