Christine O'Donnell Ad: 'I'm Not A Witch'

ABC's Michael Falcone reports:

“I'm not a witch," Delaware Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell assures voters, who may be concerned that she once "dabbled" in the dark arts, in a new ad released by her campaign on Monday.

"I'm nothing you've heard," O'Donnell continues in the 30-second spot -- the first of the general election -- "I'm you."

The ad features a spare background, quiet piano notes and O’Donnell, the GOP candidate who has sparked controversy for her past statements on witchcraft, abstinence and evolution, among other things, speaking directly into the camera.

“None of us are perfect, but none of us can be happy with what we see all around us,” she says. “Politicians who think spending, trading favors and back-room deals are the ways to stay in office. I’ll go to Washington and do what you’d do.”

O'Donnell defeated Rep. Mike Castle, R-Del., to win the Republican Senate nomination and is facing off against Democrat Chris Coons in the general election. Her campaign has gained notoriety from a steady stream of video clips released by television personality Bill Maher, who often featured O'Donnell as a guest on the show he hosted for nearly 10 years, "Politically Incorrect."

In the ad's finale, O'Donnell repeats one of her opening lines: “I’m you."

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