Tea Party Leader: Movement Will be Net Positive for GOP

ABC News’ Rick Klein reports:

Brushing aside concerns about tea party candidates hurting GOP chances in states including Delaware and Nevada, a leading tea party organizer told us on ABC’s “Top Line” today that the tea party movement will result in more Republicans in Congress – not fewer.

“I think they will win more seats” than they cost the GOP, Amy Kremer of Tea Party Express told us today from Dallas. “January wasn't that long ago, and everybody said that Scott Brown couldn't win that seat in Massachusetts and he won it fair and square.”

Kremer acknowledged that some leading tea party candidates can’t compete with the resources Democrats have in terms of ground organization.

“The bottom line is that we don't need money to do this. It's passion, it's fire in the belly, these people are motivated, they are fed up with politics as usual and they are going to turn out the vote. They are working very hard so we are going to see some surprises next Tuesday,” Kremer said.

She also indicated that new members of Congress – including those with tea party support – can’t expect a free ride from voters.

“We are going to send constitutional, common-sense conservatives to Washington, and they are going to stand on principles and values and not waver according to where the political wind is blowing,” she said.

“And that is what the people expect of them. We are going to hold their feet to the fire, and these people are on probation. And the same thing is going to happen to them that is happening to the incumbents right now if they don't do what they were sent there to do -- they will be voted out as well.”

Kremer declined to name her top target of a race, though she made clear that tea party leaders are particularly eager to defeat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev.

“Harry Reid is our No. 1 target in the United States for this movement. I mean, he is the Senate majority leader and we would like to see Harry retire. It is his time to go,” she said.

We also checked in with Tova Wang, a senior fellow at Demos , on potential problems at voting locations across the country this voting season.

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