Bristol Palin Stars In Safe Sex PSA: How To Prevent A 'Situation'

ABC News' Mary Bruce reports:

Bristol Palin has teamed up with fellow “Dancing With The Stars” contestant Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino in a new PSA on how to prevent teen pregnancy.

While Bristol, or “B. Palin” as The Situation calls her, believes in abstinence before marriage, The Situation promotes safe sex through the use of condoms, which he offers to Palin in the PSA.

Ultimately, however, both agree to “pause before you play!”

In the Candie’s Foundation PSA, The Situation tries to hit on Palin, 20, backstage on DWTS. “Excuse me, miss, have you ever had a situation with the official Situation,” The Situation asks before realizing it’s “oh snap, B Palin.”

“You mean to tell me that girls actually fall for that line?” Palin fires back, saying “I hope you’re as committed to safe sex as you are those abs.”

The Situation tests Palin’s commitment to abstinence, which she has been promoting as a Candie’s Foundation Teen Ambassador for the past year-and-a-half. “Come on B. Palin are you serious? Like you’re not gonna hook up before you’re married, like for real?” he asks.

Bristol explains “I know how hard it is to be a teen parent.” Sarah Palin has spoken out about Bristol’s teen pregnancy in the past, telling ABC News’ Barbara Walters last November that when she learned her 17-year-old daughter was pregnant “there was that feeling of, Bristol - why? Didn't you know there are things you could do to prevent this or not do it at all?"

Ultimately Palin persuades him she’s “for real” and The Situation explains “I totally respect abstinence. I mean, it actually has the word ‘abs’ in it. I mean, come on, I’m The Situation and I love that.”

While The Situation makes clear abstinence is not for him, he encourages viewers to use condoms. “I actually practice a whole lot [of safe sex], I mean a whole lot… The safe part, we’ve got the safe part down pat,” The Situation says as he pulls condoms out of his pocket “wapow! Magnums!”

The Situation offers a condom to Bristol, which she declines, noting “I avoid situations.”

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