Sarah Palin Endorses Third Party Gubernatorial Candidate Tom Tancredo

ABC News’ Huma Khan reports: Sarah Palin has once again bucked the Republican party and endorsed Tom Tancredo, the former GOP congressman-turned-American Constitution Party candidate who earned the ire of the establishment by waging his own third party campaign.

Palin taped a recorded message for Tancredo, though she didn’t endorse him on Facebook and Twitter, as she normally does.

“Tom is the right man for the job and he’ll fight for lower taxes,” Palin said. “He’ll stop growing government and start growing the economy, and we know he’ll continue to work to end illegal immigration.”

Listen to the recording HERE.

Tancredo has also been endorsed by another Republican, Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota.

The former congressman has made immigration the central feature of his campaign, arguing for tougher measures against illegal immigration and an Arizona-style law.

Republicans blame him for splitting the vote and tampering the chances of GOP candidate Dan Maes, who refused to drop out of the race despite Tancredo’s repeated calls.

It’s unclear whether the last-minute endorsement will help Tancredo, who is trailing behind Democratic contender John Hickenlooper.

The former Alaska governor has stayed out of another critical race in the state -- the Senate election featuring Tea Party favorite Ken Buck.

Palin congratulated Buck for winning the primary, after he defeated the candidate she endorsed, but she hasn’t officially endorsed him.

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