Sarah Palin Responds to Bristol's Loss On 'Dancing With The Stars'

ABC News’ Mary Bruce Reports:

Sarah Palin responded to her daughter Bristol’s third place finish on “Dancing With The Stars” tonight as she exited the first stop on her book tour.

“I haven’t talked to her yet. We just watched it though. We watched the tail end of it and I can’t wait to talk to her,” Palin said on camera as she left the Barnes and Noble in Phoenix after her book signing. “I know what she’s going to say, she’s going to say ‘mom, it was a great experience, like you say people are going to criticize anyway, you might as well dance.’ She’s got some great life lessons from this,” Palin concluded.

Asked by ABC’s John Berman if she was disappointed with the results Palin responded “no, not at all.”

“She’s had the journey of, you know the challenge and the improvement and the work ethic. This has been all about work ethic and perseverance and, no, I couldn’t be prouder. She’s happy. She’s very happy,” the former Alaska governor said. ?

Palin now launches a nine-day, 16 stop tour to promote her second book “America by Heart.” When asked if she believes Obama will read her book, Palin said “I would hope that he would read my book but I wouldn’t bet on it.” Palin recommended that President Obama read the first chapter entitled “We The People” about the Tea Party movement. “That first chapter is a good kick off. I wouldn’t put money on him reading it though, but it would be good,” Palin said.

Palin also revealed that her family will be spending Thanksgiving in Arizona.

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