Sarah Palin Takes Aim at 'Anti-Hunting Hypocrisy'

ABC News’ John Berman and Mary Bruce Report: In tonight’s episode of “Sarah Palin’s Alaska,” the former governor showcases the Alaska tundra while caribou hunting with her father. Beyond proving she’s a great shot, the episode is giving Palin an opportunity to “proudly” take aim at “anti-hunting hypocrisy.” “Tonight's hunting episode of Sarah Palin's Alaska ‘controversial’? Really? Unless you've never worn leather shoes, sat upon a leather couch or eaten a piece of meat, save your condemnation of tonight's episode. I remain proudly intolerant of anti-hunting hypocrisy. :)” Palin posted on Facebook and Twitter today. Palin’s pro-hunting posts began on Friday when she urged fans to tune in to “see how we fill our freezers and feed our families with home-grown tundra-roaming Alaskan wild game. We'll show you how Alaskans hunt. As my friend Sue says, ‘the tundra is the type of landscape that will make a man out of anybody.’ And, PETA...” she wrote on Facebook. In a preview of tonight’s episode the 2008 vice presidential nominee explains “in many remote areas of Alaska there’s no grocery store nearby. It’s 4 or 500 miles away. We’re down to just five moose packages, three caribou packages... It’s time to get out there and go caribou huntin’.” Palin seems to relish not just the hunt itself, but the political language surrounding it. Her books are loaded with references to “organic sources of protein,” which is a long way of saying “wild animal meat.” And while she alludes to the idea that the show is somehow controversial, it doesn’t seem that there has been a giant public outcry. Palin seems eager to pick a fight here, even if no one is fighting back. Rock legend and avid hunter Ted Nugent is also getting in on the game. In a web video to promote the hunting episode of “Sarah Palin’s Alaska,” Nugent says the decision to hunt is “so simple it’s stupid.” “There is no debate. There is no contest. There is no alternate choice to hunting than to hunt. So to the Sarah Palin family, like all my Alaskan blood brothers... in every state in this nation... and all across the globe where we the people continue our hands-on connection to that which sustains us, it is a win, win, win. Wildlife thrives, habitat is optimized for air, soil and water production and the cycle of life with or without us will go on,” Nugent explains. “It’s really so simple it’s stupid.” “Davey Crockett, Daniel Boone and Sarah Palin baby, the trifecta of hands-on conservation. They are my heroes,” concludes Nugent, who has also appeared with Palin on the campaign trail. In the next few episodes of “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” the former governor expands her unprecedented convergence of politics and reality TV. On the politics side, she gets to show-off her pro-gun credentials, not to mention shooting skills, and hunting-hear. And she also gets-in a TLC sponsored political plug to drill in ANWR (the Alaskan National Wildlife Refuge). In her constant Twitter/Facebook promotion of the show, she has been noting the fact that she will be “hunting at the edge of ANWR, where you can see the uninhabited lands that warehouse billions of barrels of American energy supplies underground just waiting for the political will to allow responsible resource development.” Frequent viewers of “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” will note that ANWR seems to be the first piece of Alaskan landscape that Palin doesn’t find awe-inspiring or breath-taking. On the reality side, in next week’s episode, Palin will be joined by Kate Gosselin of “Kate plus 8,” fame or infamy, depending on your point of view. In classic reality show form, promos for this installment show Kate in tearful reality near-meltdown.

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