Colorado's Call for Civility

ABC's Clayton Sandell Reports: At least one sign that the call for cooling toxic political rhetoric is stretching beyond Washington: Today the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce—along with more than 50 business organizations, unions and non-profits-- sent an open letter to every elected leader in Colorado asking them to pledge for “renewed civility in both the state and federal legislative process.”

“We understand that the challenges faced by our state and nation are many and the solutions, in some cases, are too few,” the chamber letter reads. “However, we know that direct attacks and unfounded statements that are uttered in the heat of debate are harmful and only lead to further deterioration of the civility and respect that should be the cornerstone of our democratic processes.”

The letter asks elected officials “to be mindful that understanding how we approach each other, and our elected officials, as we map the road ahead is as critical as the methods we suggest and the outcomes we choose.”

The letter was drafted after the mid-term elections and was set to be released tomorrow, when Colorado inaugurates Denver’s soon-to-be ex-mayor, John Hickenlooper as the state’s new governor. The Chamber decided to release the letter early in light of Saturday’s Tucson shootings. And, coincidentally, this call for civility in Colorado comes on the same day the U.S. Attorney in Colorado announces arrests in three separate cases in which one suspect allegedly threatened violence against the office of Sen. Michael Bennet and two others for allegedly threatening President Obama.

The full chamber letter is here

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