Rendell Approves Scotus Review--28 R Govs Write Obama

ABC News' Ariane de Vogue reports: Va Governor Bob McDonnell and Ed Rendell, former governor of Pennsylvania, debated the constitutionality of health care today at an event organized by the Aspen Institute. While they disagreed on the Constitutionality of the health care law they agreed on one thing: The Supreme Court should take up the issue now.

"Let's get to this now" said McDonnell whose Attorney General filed papers with the court last night.

Rendell agreed, "Let's get this thing decided" he said. "If the Supreme Court took it we could have arguments this fall. "

Rendell mentioned he'd make calls to gather support for requests for Supreme Court review prompting McDonnell to offer him his cell phone.

Meanwhile, 28 Republican Governors sent a letter to President Obama today asking him to direct the DOJ to support expedited Supreme Court review of the case. "We should not endure years of litigation in the circuit courts," the letter says"when the Supreme Court can promptly provide finality".

Last month the DOJ has said it will not seek to bypass the appellate courts.

Tuesday night Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli officially asked the SC to expediate the hearing.

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