VA Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli Seeks Expedited Review of Health Reform Law by Supreme Court

ABC News' Ariane de Vogue reports:

Arguing that the recently passed health care law has "roiled America", Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli filed papers with the Supreme Court Tuesday night asking the Justices to bypass the appellate courts and consider the constitutionality of the law.

"Given the importance of the issues at stake to the States and to the economy as a whole, this Court should grant certiorari to resolve a matter of imperative public importance," writes Cuccinelli in his petition.

Cuccinelli, who filed the papers even though he won at the District Court level, urges the Court to take his case over the other challenges currently making their way through the lower courts .

"This case is a particularly good vehicle for resolving the split because all of the issues raised by the Department of Justice—standing, the Anti-Injunction Act, ripeness, and the limits of the Commerce Clause and of the Taxing Power—have been raised here where they have been exhaustively developed," Cuccinelli argues.

It is highly unlikely the Court would agree to take the case and one Justice confirmed that notion last week. According to the college newspaper --The GW Hatchet-- Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg told an audience that the Court prefers to hear from appellate court judges: "We have a range of views before us and can make a better informed decision," Ginsburg said.

Cuccinelli first made clear that he would seek the expedited review earlier this month .

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