Sarah Palin Explains 2008 Loss, Blames "The Media... I'm Kidding"

ABC News' Mary Bruce Reports: While speculation continues to mount that Sarah Palin could enter the 2012 presidential race, today at an appearance in India the former vice-presidential candidate reflected on the 2008 race. Asked why she and Republican nominee John McCain failed to beat Obama, Palin blamed “the media,” and then noted, “no, I’m kidding.” Palin explained how the 2008 campaign shaped her beliefs about the media. “You can't rely on the mainstream media to set records straight,” she said. As reported by Politico, Palin suggested Obama won because he succeeded in branding himself as the “change candidate.” When the moderator, India Today's Editor-in-Chief Aroon Purie, noted that Palin could have taken on a similar platform, she replied, “I wasn’t the top of the ticket.” The comment reportedly stirred laughter from the crowd and the former Alaska governor added, “I wasn’t saying I should have been.” As for her plans for the upcoming presidential race, Palin repeated her belief that there is no rush to declare candidacy but did note that she thinks it’s time for a woman president in the United States. “There's still time to deliberate on that,” she said of the 2012 race. Palin has said recently that it could be months before she makes a decision.

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