Twitter War: Obama (Aide) Vs. Romney (Aide)

ABC News' Rick Klein:

If you don’t know the name “Eric Fehrnstrom” you probably won’t care about this story. And if you don’t know the name “David Axelrod” you definitely won’t.

But once you know that Fehrnstrom is a top strategist for almost-certain presidential candidate Mitt Romney, and that Axelrod is President Obama’s longtime political guru, the following little Twitter war will provide some insights into what could become a defining issue in 2012.

@EricFehrn : I wonder if @ davidaxelrod will praise Romney's proposed executive order issuing Obamacare waivers to all 50 states?

@DavidAxelrod : @ EricFehrn I'm not going comment either way until he lands on his final position.

@DavidAxelrod : @ EricFehrn I still admire what he did in MA on health care, though. In many ways, a model for the nation!

@EricFehrn : @ davidaxelrod If you really want to get health insurance to more people, try giving them a job. 14m unemployed is a disgrace.

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