Former Sarah Palin Staffer Pens Unflattering Tell-All

ABC News' Sheila Marikar ( @ sheilaym) reports: While Sarah Palin ponders her political future, one of her former aides is releasing a tell-all saying the former governor of Alaska was eager to leave office for more high-profile opportunities.

Ex-Palin staffer Frank Bailey wrote "Blind Allegiance to Sarah Palin: A Memoir of Our Tumultuous Years," due out Tuesday. It's based on tens of thousands of emails that Bailey said he kept during his time with Palin, beginning with working on her 2006 gubernatorial campaign. He stayed with Palin through her failed run for vice president in 2008 and during her two and a half year stint as governor.

Bailey paints Palin as a self-serving rule breaker. He claims she worked with the Republican Governors Association to violate campaign rules in her 2006 gubernatorial campaign. According to a copy of the book obtained by The Associated Press, Bailey also gripes about Palin's inability to adhere to a schedule, saying, "Getting Sarah to meetings and events was like nailing Jell-O to a tree." He writes that it was hard to find people to fill the job as her scheduler, both on the campaign trail and when she was governor, "because Sarah might fail to honor, at the last minute, the smallest commitments, and making excuses for her became a painful burden.''

In February 2009, back in Alaska governor's office after her failed run for vice president, Bailey claims Palin told him she'd "quit tomorrow" if "she could find the right message to tell Alaskans," according to The AP. She resigned five months later, in July 2009.

Bailey's use of the emails in "Blind Allegiance" could be problematic. Executive ethics laws prohibit former public officials from using information gained during their service for personal profit if the information hasn't been released publicly. Alaska has yet to release thousands of emails that Palin sent and received during her time as governor, and the Alaska attorney general's office has said it's investigating Bailey's use of the emails.

Bailey's attorney told The AP that Bailey took "great care" to make sure his writings meshed with legal requirements.

Representatives for Palin declined ABC News' requests for comment on "Blind Allegiance."

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