Sarah Palin Defends Newt Gingrich Against 'Leftist Lame-Stream Media,' Slams David Gregory's 'Racist Tinged' Question

ABC News' Sheila Marikar ( @SheilaYM) reports: In a pair of conservative talk show appearances Wednesday night, Sarah Palin defended presidential contender Newt Gingrich's criticism of fellow Republican Paul Ryan's Medicare plan by reiterating her frustration with the “leftist lame-stream media."

On Sean Hannity’s Fox News show, Palin argued that Gingrich had no reason to apologize for calling Ryan’s Medicare plan “right wing social engineering.”

“I don’t know why politicians feel that they have to apologize for something that they said just because they’ve gone through a 24 hour cycle of the mainstream media,” she said. “Don’t apologize later just because the media has dinged ‘ya on what it is that you’ve said.”

She urged Gingrich, Ryan and the rest of the 2012 conservative contenders to tailor their campaigns to avoid the “lame-stream media.”

“Candidates need to get their message out through the new social media,” she said. “Don’t even participate in that goofy game that’s been played for too many years with the leftist lame-stream media."

Palin went on to call Ryan’s plan, which calls for disposing of direct Medicare payments to doctors and hospitals in favor of a system of subsidized private insurance for seniors, “fiscally sound and courageous” compared to President Obama’s “big spending government overreach more indebtness plan.”

The former governor of Alaska also criticized Gregory, NBC's "Meet the Press" host, for a "racist tinged" question in which he implied that Gingrich was racially insensitive in referring to President Obama as "the most successful food stamp president in American history" during a speech Gingrich made in Georgia last week.

"Talk about racism, that was a racist tinged question from David Gregory," she told Hannity. "Obviously, it is done to end the conversation, just to distract, divert attention from what the real substance is and stop the conversation."

On Eric Bolling’s Fox Business Network show “Follow the Money,” Palin echoed her approval of Ryan’s plan and slammed House minority leader Nancy Pelosi for “forcing Obama-care down our throats.”

She also spoke out on former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s admission that he had a child with a former staff member of his household.

“I feel so bad for his children,” she said. “It’s an irresponsible and pretty disgusting thing that he did, in pretty much denying that he had a child for 10 years. That’s how I look at it. It speaks to his character, it’s sad.”

As for her own 2012 prospects, Palin refused to reveal much, saying on “Hannity” that she’s “still assessing the field because I know it’s still going to change.”

What’s she looking for? In her words, “others who are ready to go rogue and fight against the machine on both sides of the aisle in order to get the economy back on the right track.”

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