Video Uses Rhino to Attack Jon Huntsman for Being 'RINO'

ABC News' Sarah Kunin ( @sarah_kunin )

Picture this: sprawling hills paired with orchestral music. Blades of grass blow in the wind as a rhinoceros walks proudly through a field. Cut to... Jon Huntsman?

Of course, Verum Serum, the Christian conservative blog that produced this imagery, isn’t comparing the former Governor of Utah to a large horned mammal, but instead tagging him as a RINO—Republican in name only.

In a two-minute video entitled “A Common Sense Campaign for America,” Verum Serum plays Huntsman sound bites alongside pictures of the former Ambassador with President Obama and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Watch the video here.

“I’m a little tired of the divisiveness in this country,” says Huntsman in the clip. “Yelling and screaming and finger pointing, we all want the same thing.”

The video matches title graphics on hot topics such as climate change and stimulus funding with Huntsman’s own words. On healthcare, Verum Serum plays this: “I think healthcare is a right…Why is it that the insurance sector will not provide affordable healthcare policies? I’ve called them in, I’ve asked them. I’ve humiliated them publicly.”

Under the caption “Bold Ideas,” a Huntsman sound bite follows, “What other Republican ever would have embraced the western climate initiative? We’re recognizing climate change for what it is, embracing a cap-and-trade proposal. What other Republican ever would have embraced John McCain as a presidential candidate. When you look at the number of Democrats that support our campaign, when you look at the number of Independents who support our campaign, we’ve had a crosscutting approach to managing issues and embracing nontraditional issues that I think would suggest we’ve been anything other than a traditional republican.”

Huntsman has been fighting the notion that he isn’t a viable Republican candidate since leaving his post as Ambassador to China, a position awarded to him by President Obama.

“I’m the margin of error guy,” Huntsman said last week to a crowd in Hancock, NH. “Everybody carries some description of who they are. It’s a little artificial and I think we need to probe beyond these tags of Democrat, moderate, conservative and really take a look at what people have done and what they’re willing to do going forward. There’s no better way to do that than to look at somebody’s established record.”

Huntsman will return to New Hampshire next week to meet with voters in the key primary state, convincing them that he is not in fact the RINO that Verum Serum declares him to be.

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