Herman Cain's 'Money Bomb' Drops Today

ABC News’ Katie Slaman ( @katieslaman ) reports:

In his first online fundraising effort, republican presidential candidate Herman Cain is hoping for a “money bomb” today as the June 30 quarterly fundraising deadline looms.

Cain has been calling on supporters for weeks to make pledges to donate to his campaign on June 27 to create a “money bomb.” His campaign’s goal was to get 2,500 pledges before today, but as of Sunday afternoon, they’d received less than half of those pledges. Their website opened to donations at midnight and their campaign is keeping a running tally of the money that comes in .

It remains to be seen how much money he can rake in today, but Cain’s overall fundraising numbers for the quarter aren’t expected to come anywhere near frontrunner former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney’s. Nevertheless, some momentum is building around the former CEO of Godfather’s Pizza. He came in third place in a Des Moines Register Iowa poll released over the weekend, getting support from 10 percent of likely Republican caucus-goers. Romney led the pack of GOP candidates with 23 percent, while Rep. Michele Bachmann took second with 22 percent.

Earlier this month Cain said on ABC News’ Top Line he’s confident he can raise enough money to beat the other GOP candidates, but admitted he won’t be able to raise as much as candidates with more political campaign experience – like Romney who raised $10.25 million in just one day back in May.

“No, we’re not going to raise a billion dollars. No, I’m not capable of raising the amount of money that Mitt Romney is raising, or is going to raise, or has the potential to raise, but we don’t believe it’s going to be just about money. It’s going to be more about message,” Cain told ABC News’ Rick Klein and Jonathan Karl.

The message this week? The GOP presidential hopeful will unveil his economic plan on Wednesday in Greenville, S.C.

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